The management and staff of KALYPSO COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL S.A. offer their specialised services in the demanding sector of the foodstuff distribution chain. This requires carefully designed and followed procedures for storing, handling and distributing the goods entrusted to the care of the company.

The services offered by the company are as follows:

1) Rental of storage space on a monthly basis.

2) Storage of customs cleared goods and goods pending customs clearance on a quantity basis.

3) Rental of pallet handling equipment.

4) Rental of office space.

5) Free of charge provision of small offices on the ramps for operations.

6) Free of charge provision of hand driven trolleys for goods.

According to our perception of the peculiarities and individuality of the food sector and the importance of our participation in serving the food sector’s needs, we cannot but offer our services in the highest degree of our ability, without any compromise towards their quality, but also with special consideration to their costs. The greatest contribution in achieving this target comes from our highly trained, specialised and devoted personnel.

For achieving our goals the management has committed itself to:

a) the constant study and in depth understanding our clients’ needs in the wider foodstuff sector, which form our main concern.

b) follow advances in technology and incorporate new technology whenever possible in order to ensure our continuous success.

c) constantly maintain the highest standards of storage and distribution of goods.

d) always offer ancillary services of a standard suitable to a quality driven market in which its members (foodstuffs traders) can grow, profit and prosper.

e) continuously train and keep our staff well informed of all developments related to the continuous quality improvement of services rendered.

f) provide and maintain all the required technical means for rendering our services and at the same time create and maintain a pleasant and safe work-place.

g) introduce, implement, review, maintain and constantly improve a Quality Management System so as to achieve and strengthen all the above goals.

The Quality Management System of our company must ensure that:

1) The services offered by our company are fully compliant with legal and regulatory procedures and are, thus, structured to fully meet our client’s needs and expectations.

2) The human resources involved in offering quality storage, handling and distribution of goods services, are well trained, have the correct instructions for handling the goods belonging to our clients and have all the means for carrying out their duties such as proper clothing, loading-unloading equipment, and instruments for checking normal operating parameters.

3) Whenever the company acquires goods and services essential to its quality management performance, from third party suppliers, must examine and ensure that, those are fully compliant with the company’s preset specifications.

4) The approach selected towards the Management System demands a dynamic model of inter-related actions, that through objective targets, well defined procedures, timely implementation, strict control and constant revision after careful analysis of available information and data, adds VALUE to the goods of the client.

5) All staff members from all departments (Supervising, Technical, Distribution, Purchases) are actively involved in the Quality Management System. The contribution of every single person is important not only in the execution of their defined and documented duties, but also as an integral part of the commitment of the company to the continuous improvement of services, higher organisational integration and better working environment.

The course of our highly successful operation till now is summarising the experience gothered and our care for the services offered, and is only strenthening our commitment for quality, improvement and strength.

Spyrodimitris Dimoulas

President of the BoD and Managing Director